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Sexual Health Assessment and Risk Education
Building Peer Relationships to Share Substance Use
and HIV Prevention Stories


What is SHARE?

SHARE is a peer-to-peer health risk prevention program seeking to reduce negative health outcomes associated with dangerous drinking and substance abuse among members of at-risk groups including veterans, Latinos, and LGBTQIA students at Texas State. Since 2013, Dr. Melinda Villagran has been funded by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to work with community and campus partners to deliver evidence-based interventions and research to reduce the incidence of alcohol and substance abuse leading to sexual health risk and safety  SHARE has sponsored Veterans Guiding Veterans, SHARE Pride, and PartySafe, all programs designed to deliver peer-to-peer health education, training, and HIV testing services to students between the ages of 18-24 at Texas State. We seek to increase communication about health risk behaviors among members of these communities to decrease the number of students at risk for HIV/AIDS and HCV infections.

“Our SHARE peer mentors seek to reduce the negative health consequences of substance use among young adults in our community..” - Melinda Villagran, Ph.D., Principal Investigator


Our Community Partners  

SHARE's community partners include SM Nightlife's popular establishments on the San Marcos Square including Stonewall Warehouse, Black Rabbit Saloon, Shade Rooftop and The Barfish Lounge. Other partners include the San Marcos Main Street and numerous campus and community student organizations.  

Main Street